A&R Like you've never seen it before....

When you hit on a great idea that inspires people to have the confidence to do the thing they love you know it’s worth doing!


So when Andy East (the guy sitting beside me in the photo) who also happens to be the former Chairman of the MPG, set up the MA in Music Management and Artist Development at the London College of Music about eight years ago, he asked me to come and lead the A&R lectures. I couldn’t resist!

Andy and I had toured previously for BASCA on a Demo Listening Initiative with Jason Bandy and Brian Hodgson round the UK to keep BASCA members in touch with current thinking on pitching their projects and getting publishing deals

So when Andy’s vision of the MA got the thumbs up both Jason Bandy and I were very enthusiastic about playing our part.

Through word of mouth the popularity of the degree has spread across Europe and the US and this year we’ve got thirty-five passionate potential Music Managers on the look out for a new talent and songs.... What’s not to like about that?

Our main A&R remit is to find a ‘commercial solution’ for as many songs as possible, which is not always easy, but my own philosophy is that no one is ever a write off. Even if the track needs re-working we can always suggest the next step on how to improve it or find placement with co-writers etc.

Coming up soon we will be doing our ‘Big Demo Listening ‘ session where we will invite Songwriters to come in to London College of Music to meet our new management team. The places will be limited, but each Songwriter/ Artist/ Band will get a thirty -minute slot to play their tracks to the A&R panel who will then give them individual advice, about placement etc.

Then afterwards when everyone has gone home our teams chat about what we’ve heard and we work out what writers/artists we’d like to invite back again to further help boost their careers.

In fact some Songwriter/Artists and Bands have actually walked out the room with Management offers.....

Basically, it’s a win win situation all round. The songwriters get free advice and our new Music Managers get to put their ideas into practice.

Well I guess we must be doing something right ’cause we‘ve now got a long list of places where our Graduates are currently working. So hat’s off was a great idea!

Disney Corp.
Sony Records
WEA Records
XL Records
Beggars Group
Sizzer Amsterdam

EMI Publishing
Decca Records
De Wolf Music
Sony Switzerland
Sony Canada
Sony ATV Publishing

Warner Chappel Publishing
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ARE Music
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