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Tribute to an old friend

I first met Trevor Hills when he was in charge of the Music Shop in Ashford and he had a little studio above it where he created his amazing sounds. The most striking thing about Trevor to me was his total modesty. He could play anything in any key, key-boards, guitar, bass...anything. In fact he was one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever worked with, yet you would have never heard that from him. Trevor was totally unassuming and patient with those less talented than himself and he could come up with a brilliant guitar solo in one take in the studio and leave everyone speechless. The truth was he made us all look good and he didn’t take any credit for himself; he was a real talent.


A little known fact is that Trevor and I wrote a song that represented the UK in the Eastern Block Eurovision Song contest in 1986, called ‘Voice of the Future’.

He had a lot to put up with during the writing of that song, ‘cause I believe I arrived with my cat Yam who I used to travel with at the time and the cat took up residence on top of Trevor’s treasured studio speakers. He tried hard not to mind....

I adored Trevor. He was a man of few words but he was very kind and he had a lovely quiet sense of humour. When we went to record Pop Gospel for Muriel Young at Granada TV the band stayed in a dodgy B&B just outside Manchester. The carpet in the dining room was made of green fake grass, and Trevor and I were the first to arrive at breakfast. The owner had a dog and as we were waiting for breakfast the dog lifted up it’s leg and relieved himself on the fake grass. Trevor and I were the only ones to witness this and it’s the one and only time I’d ever seen Trevor completely incapable with laughter.

What a man, I’m so lucky to have known him and I shall treasure the lovely memories that I have of him. Sadly Trevor’s family are bidding him farewell tomorrow as he joins that great band the Sky ...far to early.

The photo shows: Trevor playing keyboards on the right of this photo from Pop Gospel.