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When your past bounces back to bite you

Ok ...have a good laugh. You may be forgiven if you don’t recognise the person on the skateboard.....but yes it’s my  Children’s Television Presenting days. I should say my skateboarding skills have much improved since then.  Actually, I was sent the clip from a friend of mine who had seen it on Twitter and it just reminded me, it’s always been difficult to avoid your past.


I was on a train coming back to London from recording a show at Granada TV in Manchester and I was telling my fellow presenter the story about a ‘well known’ actress who had been starring in this Comedy in the West End. She was a bit of a Diva and had been giving everyone such a hard time that she had made herself really unpopular with the cast and crew. So much so that the lighting guys started cutting her lights just a fraction early on her gags to kill the applause. It worked and the lady was not happy.

After this agro had been going on for several weeks, the lads on the crew were out on a break in Soho having a coffee when they spotted a familiar face starring at them out of a rather dodgy DVD in a shop window. They instantly recognised the girl in the picture as the Diva in the show (only several years younger). This was too good an opportunity to miss, so they bought the DVD, watched it, and to their delight, there she was totally in the buff, in several interesting situations with some handsome guy.

They hatched a plan, to say nothing but to leave the DVD lying somewhere where she would see it. The result was apologies all round from her and a real change in her attitude towards everyone....excellent.

As I was finishing my story, my colleague looked slightly pale,  ‘ Don’t tell me that film’s still out there’

‘Why?’ I said in all innocence.

‘.....’Cause the ‘guy’ with her was me!’