The Newbies have arrived. Thank goodness!..

There’s always a buzz in the air the first day of any new Academic Year as the new students arrive at University but this year as I walked into The London College of Music, (where I regularly lecture) ...the chaos was palpable ‘cause over the summer the whole layout which had been under construction for the last couple of years was now complete and everything was ‘new’, the recording studios, concert halls , radio station...absolutely fabulous!

Any portion of the building that hadn’t been ‘rebuilt’ had been refurbished and the paint work was all shiny and new.

It had also been decided to renumber the rooms.....and here’s where I learned my first lesson of the day. Always do a reconisence trip to find out where you are going.

After dashing around my ‘old’ stamping ground and trying to calculate my whereabouts in relation to the new, I finally found a group of forty students hanging about outside a lecture hall and said to them, ‘Do you happen to be waiting for your lecturer to turn up for a ...Music and Enterprise lecture?’

Happily they were and happily for me too it gave me my opening line for my lecture....

‘Don’t assume that because you are being taught by someone who has had many years experience of the Music Industry that they know everything...’cause it’s through listening to you and discussing your fresh ideas that I’ve managed to carry on for long...so thanks.


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